The Benefits Of Kumdo

Respect: Kumdo is not only about the techniques of the sword. It is about the truth of the sword. Therefore, its teachings emphasize improving character and showing respect for others. The first teaching of Kumdo is respect. Then it teaches a philosophy of protecting weaker people. Before and after training, Mook-sang (the meditation time) will help you reconsider yourself, and it will help you to have a good body and soul. The philosophy you learn from Kumdo will give you good life values in this modern society.

Concentration : Kumdo originated from real sword fighting, so this sport is based on real life and death situations. Concentration that will not allow a single mistake will be gradually built through constant training and sparring.

Relieve Stress : Kumdo requires Ki-hap (yelling from the abdomen) to have energy exceeding that of the opponent. While yelling out loud is inappropriate in city life, yelling with powerful Ki-hap and hitting a target with a Jook-do (bamboo sword) will relieve all stresses.

Confidence : Kumdo is a sport for everybody. Men, women, old people and young people can train and spar together. An older person beating a youth and a woman beating a man are scenes that can easily be seen in Kumdo. During the process of training with powerful Ki-hap and sweating with young people, you will gain more confidence in your life.

Health : Unlike other sports you can actually feel the fast reinforcement of health in Kumdo. All the techniques of Kumdo start from Dan-jun (the power supply from the abdomen). Training in Kumdo modifies Dan-jun and helps the circulation of energy. In addition this training gives the efficacy of acupressure on the hands and feet. So after training the body gets rid of tiredness and feels lighter.

Spiritual Strength : Kumdo is modified from real sword fighting. Since sword fighting is a life or death situation, Kumdo demands a powerful spiritual effort. “If you keep it you will lose. If you give it up you will win.” This is one of Kumdo’s tenets, meaning the way to get victory over your opponent is giving up all of your strength.

Correct Posture : Kumdo’s basic stance emphasizes the straight back and open chest with stable balance between the right and the left sides of the body. Therefore, Kumdo is very beneficial in correcting ones posture and complimenting the outward presentation of oneself.

 Self-Defense : Kumdo minimizes unnecessary movements and optimizes the efficiency of ones speed and power. Therefore, a strike or a counter-strike executed by a black belt expert carries with it overwhelming velocity and force. A common misconception involving Kumdo is that it is useless without a sword. However, Kumdo optimizes the basic concept of applying a great velocity and force to a certain point of attack with correct timing. Even with bare hands an expert Kumdo martial artist can be extremely powerful in combat. Kumdo basic training for striking, blocking and counter striking an opponent improves ones reflexes and muscle responsiveness and quickness. In addition to the effects of physical training, the sense of quiet and unmovable confidence that comes from training in Kumdo will be essential in ones self-defense both physically and mentally.