Korean Kumdo History

Kumdo is an ancient form of martial art with its origins in Korea. Kumdo means “The way of the sword” and its ancient form originated in Korea and Japan nearly
two thousand years ago as a form of sword fighting used by warriors to defend their territorial hold over the country. Kumdo is therefore founded on a
strong sense of patriotism and loyalty to one’s fellow countrymen and family.

Also, as a sword symbolized a power over one’s life, Kumdo soon developed into a true martial art and a way of life in the heart as opposed to a brutal method of combat.
In the 18th century, Kumdo was reshaped to its present form using bamboo swords and protective gear to make Kumdo safer to practice without compromising any of its
focus on spiritual and mental prowess.

Although strength and speed play important roles, one cannot master the art of Kumdo without a pure and unadulterated state of mind and heart.
It is this aspect of Kumdo which makes it very appealing and beneficial as it intensively trains both mind and body.
Kumdo is a very popular martial art with over three million current practitioners all over the world.