The Kumdo/Kendo Tournament

The four main target areas, each worth one point are struck with hits to the head(Mu-ri), the waist(Hu-ri), the wrist(Son-mok) or a thrust to the throat(Jji-Reum).
The competitors call their attempted strike in a strong voice and blows must be delivered with the upper third of the bamboo sword's blade. 
A successful stroke must be coordinated with correct footwork, powerful Ki-hap(yell), good posture and strong follow-through.

The three referees(judges) indicate points by snapping blue and white flags overhead: at least two must agree for the point to be awarded.
A fast crises-cross of the flags at hip level means the official did not consider a cut valid. The match is halted after each successful point and resumed at center-court.
Two good points delivered simultaneously cancel one another, however, the match is not stopped. Penalties are given for stepping out of bounds,
dropping one's Jook-do, and poor sportsmanship. If a contestant accumulates two such penalties in the course of a match, one point is
awarded to the opponent, Indicidual matches are fought for two out of three points over a time period of 3 minutes(Sometimes 5minutes).
A scoreless or tied match may be extended until a deciding point is scored.

Team competitions are ordinarily comprised of three or five member teams whose opposing pairs face each other in turn, finishing with the team captains.
The winning team is determined either by a majority of winners or the total number of points scored.