Master SooYoung Kim

- 7th Dan Kyoshi Black Belt in Kendo(Kumdo) (KKA-certified)
- 4th Dan Black Belt in Chosun-Sebup
- Licensed Kumdo instructor
- Licensed Life Sports Instructor: Grade 3
- Certified of Judging Committee: Grade 5
The judging committee members highly praised
Master Kim's in-depth understanding of the
principles of a sword, his precise and agile
footwork and superb sparring techniques.

Master Kim started kumdo training when he was
very young with his father who was a nationally
renowned kumdo master. Master Kim won the
National Kumdo Championship at the age of 12,
and also participated in the Greater Japan International
Kumdo Championship as a member of Korean
national team.

Since his early 20s, Master Kim has been displaying
his talent in teaching students as well.
The Cheongsong Training Center's youth kumdo team,
led by Master Kim, won the 2008 National
Bon Kook Kum Bup Competition. Master Kim also has
contributed to the development of kumdo in the United States,
participating in several world-class Kumdo competitions.

His professional achievements in America include many
first place finishes at some of the sport's premier
competitions: the Bongnimgi, the All-US Kumdo Championship,
the AEUSKF Kendo Tournament and the Eastern US Championship.